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SMG Motoring Inc. was established in 2005 by performance guru Fred Simmons Jr. but its roots go back much further to when Fred was racing Jr Dragsters.  Fred was Street Eliminator Track Champion and Driver of the year for Street Eliminator in 2003 at the New England Dragway. He followed up this success in 2005 with wins at the NHRA Sport Compact Lucas Oil Fall Nationals and NHRA New Jersey Nationals. These accomplishments were in cars that Fred designed and built with race car suspension setup training from Panoz Racing. Fred has been building and racing cars for over 17 years. His years of experience, creativity and dedication to excellence have transformed SMG Motoring into the leading performance and custom car shop in New England.

Our Design Philosphy


Our build philosophy is "optimize smiles per mile", so all choices were specifically selected to reduce maintenance and enhance performance, drivability and comfort. 

For example all our builds are equipped with high performance, yet extremely reliable powerplants, that are easily serviceable with current production parts. We also focus on the driving experience by utilizing modern fully adjustable coil over suspensions for the front and rear (IFS/IRS) and electric power steering. Each vehicle is custom dyno tuned and chassis setup  is configured according to the needs of the individual customer. Typically unheard of creature comforts in a '33 hot rod are elegantly incorporated, like heated seats, air conditioning, stereo and back up cameras. 

The Story Behind Magnetic '33


Magnetic started life as Factory Five Racing's prototype and first ALL STEEL body ever produced. The prototype body was first seen by the public at the 2016 SEMA show and the response was off the charts. Shortly after the show we acquired the body through our relationship with Factory Five with the goal being to demonstrate the full potential of an ALL STEEL body '33 hot rod. A brand new Factory Five '33 chassis was built specifically for SMG Motoring with a custom gunmetal metallic grey powder coating. Provisions in the chassis were made to accept the 2017 Mustang IRS (considered to be the best on the market) and the all mighty powerful V8 LS engine. Then the detail oriented team at SMG Motoring spent the next four months creating and perfecting the beautiful ALL STEEL '33 hot rod known as Magnetic. 

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